Plant Timers Can Do Chores

With busy family schedules and work commitments, every day chores become either forgotten or simply discarded. There are time constraints arising from taking children to athletic events, music other personal activities.

Adults may be involved in after work programs, clubs, groups and other endeavors. Emptying the trash, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, vacuuming the house and dusting can all take endless hours every week to accomplish. It is no wonder that watering your plants is not a priority.

Nevertheless, having plants around the house inside and out are beneficial to you and the environment. They are beneficial to you because it has been proven in study after study that greenery and botanical objects add color to any room and because they are living things help avoid some depressions.

Outdoor plants add beauty to your landscape as well. Likewise, because plants all do photosynthesis, which is taking carbon dioxide humans breath and producing oxygen, they are beneficial to all human kind and the environment.

Just as you can now use a universal remote to power your separate electronic devices, and can install timers on your lamps to turn the power on and off, so too can you use technology in the form of plant timers to assist you with your plants. You can use a mechanical timer to turn on water sources for your plants.

These inexpensive timers come in analog fashion where you turn the dial to a particular time period. More expensive models are digital timers incorporating LCD screens and programmable timers to operate the water source on your programmed schedule.

Keeping plants watered on a schedule is extremely important to all healthy botanical growth. Once you have attached these timers to your indoor or outdoor watering system, you will find they take over the watering task for you for any limited or long term period.

These are useful not only to assist with day to day chores but to keep the plants alive if you leave on vacation for any extended period of time. This way you will not return to a home of dead plants.

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