Benefits of Plant Timers and Other Types of Timers

In 19th century the workers of plant physiology discovered that plants need the nutrients in the soil to grow and not the soil. They also tried to study further that if the plants received these essential nutrients artificially, they could grow easily without soil.

With advancement in this study and research different types of hydroponics were experimented like drip hydroponics that is in fact irrigation tubing attached to a timer and a pump.

There are systems that can even reuse the collected water so that nothing goes wasted and the timer drips the nutrients on the plant so that it absorbs them and grows without any difficulty. The whole system includes a pump reservoir tray, a timer and grow tray.

There are lot of benefits of using the hydroponics method as you can have any seasonal fruits or vegetable anytime in the year as also you are free from the diseases that enter into the plants due to soil and the roots don’t spread too much. Hence no need to use harmful pesticides too.

Timers are useful in other paces also like a kitchen timer will help you get your dinner ready in time as also keep you tension free from overcooking. Then there are aquarium timers that will feed the fish in time and can also send alarms under different circumstances as is set in the timer.

Focusing on plant timers we can say that they will really prove to be beneficial in many aspects. Organic nutrients can be added to get organic food items.

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